ZSHVE/ZDRVE Series eccentric ball valve, namely eccentric plug valve, uses a special eccentric structure. It has a compact structure, well-sealed and long service life, and compatibility with regulating and shut-off functions. It is especially applicable to fluids such as paper pulp, sewage, and other fluids containing fibers and grains, which are widely used to cut off or regulate the processing fluids in chemical, electric power, and paper-making industries.





  • The body adopts the integrity casting technology, which achieves compact structure, small volume, good pressure resistance;
  • V port eccentric assembly: when closed, the ball will produce an eccentric force to press on the sealing ring to achieve the best sealing performance; when opened, the ball separates from the sealing ring to prevent damage on the sealing ring.
  • Adopt soft seated and metal seated to satisfy different working conditions; Sealing surface overlay with titanium alloy can be used in harsh conditions;
  • The operation torque is greatly decreased because of the eccentric structure and greatly increased the allowable pressure.
  • Adopt special surface treatment to improve the wear resistance and erosion resistance, and service life;
  • Large flow capacity, the adjustable ratio reaches 100;
  • A shearing action between the ball and sealing ring at the moment of closing, which could shut off the medium fiber and extrusion particulate matter. It is especially suitable for pulp and paper, sewage, and other media containing fiber and particulate matter and general medium.

Structure Drawings

Dimension and Weight