ZSHOF/ZDROF Series fluorine lined ball valve is two-pieces full bore floating ball valve. The body and ball lined with F46 or PFA,and used in all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium. corrosive service.


  • Lined technologies offer a number of advantage, such as resistance to corrosion, while providing high performance, and preventing in-line leakage and fugitive emissions.
  • Anti-blowout stem assembly prevents stem blowout even in the event of top works disassembly;
  • Separate ball/stem connection greatly reduces side loading, thus extending stem seal life;
  • Positive stem seal. PTFE chevron packing provides stem seal integrity while maintaining low turning torque;
  • Lining securely locked into the body by “T”slots and locking grooves; completely encapsulated ball and stem;

Structure Drawings


Dimension and Weight