ZSHWE/ ZDRWE Series triple offset butterfly valve provides a bidirectional bubble-tight shut-off to API 598. This geometry ensures that the disc seal contacts the seat only at the final shut-off position without rubbing or galling, providing a torque-generated resilient seal with sufficient “wedging” to ensure a uniform seal contact. Our triple offset butterfly valves with high performance are widely used in chemical, power, light textile, food, pharmaceutics, pulp and paper, and other application.

Nominal Pressure: Class 150lb,300lb;

Nominal diameter range: DN80~1200(3”~48”);

Fluid temperature range:-60~+450℃;

The flow characteristic is the approximately equal percentage.


  •  One-piece cast body with the feature of compact structure and lightweight;
  • The triple offset valve advanced design features three-way eccentricity and unique elliptical seat geometry ensuring compressive sealing around the entire seat and a tight, bubble-free valve.
  • The sealing ring design is novel, concise, free repair;
  • Stainless steel and graphite laminated seal ring provides reliable, zero leakage, bi-directional shutoff;
  • Triple offset structure ensures non-rubbing rotation, minimizing torque required, and maximizing seat/seal ring lifetime.

Structure Drawing

Basic structure and sealing ring type

Dimensions and Weight