How does a piping system control the flow and pressure within the system?


The simplest answer is “Mechanical Valve.” Different mechanical valves are designed to regulate properly, control, and direct fluid flow within a system. Valves not only start or stop fluid flow, but they also are an effective solution for controlling the temperature and pressure of different fluids (liquid, gas, vapors, etc.).


Industrial valves manufacturers design different types of valves, fulfilling different needs in multiple industries. Valves are pricey equipment, and choosing the right one for your plant is crucial for optimum results. The lightweight, easy-to-use electric butterfly valve is always a good option for manufacturers in pharmaceutical industries, water, wastewater, or food processing factories.


What is an electric butterfly valve? Also, how to choose a high-performance butterfly valve for your industry? Let’s find answers to these questions.

What Is An Electric Butterfly Valve?


An electric butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve used to start, stop or regulate the flow. The design of the valve consists of a metal disc at the center that is connected to a rod. When the rod is rotated at 90°, the central disc opens or closes. They are light in weight, fast to operate, compact in size, and cost-effective.


Typical applications of an electric butterfly valve include slurry services, wastewater treatment, agriculture industry, power generation, fuel handling systems, food processing units, and sanitary valve applications.


Why Use An Electric Butterfly Valve?


There are numerous benefits of using electric butterfly value, here we discuss some of them.


  • Easier to Operate

The electric butterfly valve has a simple design and a compact structure. The central disc is lighter than a ball valve, making opening and closing the valve easier. Electric valves use an electric actuator to monitor the flow. The valve can be easily operated through the system by programming and adjusting the signal, making it a convenient yet effective solution for various industries.


  • Lower Costs

Due to electrically monitoring the opening and closing process, you need no labor force to manage the valve manually. Instead, it decreases your labor cost. Moreover, the high-performance butterfly valves can also help speed up the production process by working up to 99 hours straight. Thus, electric valves also improve the efficiency of your system.


3 Tips For Choosing An Electric Butterfly Valve


When choosing an electric butterfly valve, you need to consider the following factors for optimum results.


Tips 1: Confirm The Type Of Butterfly Valve You Need


Electric butterfly valves come in a variety of sizes and weights. You need to thoroughly look at the multiple butterfly valve options and choose one that fits your industry and unique needs.


For instance, if you want to control low-pressure, lug-style valves are adequate for you. However, a triple offset electric valve is more appropriate if a high-performance butterfly valve is needed. To handle higher temperatures and pressure high-performance, offset butterfly valves are adequate. They can easily handle a 1200° F. They are also fire resistant and suitable for refineries and off-shore systems.


Tips 2: Select A Good Quality Electric Valve


The design and material of the butterfly valve are also essential considerations which is why you need to buy from a reliable manufacturer. For obstructing the flow of gas and liquid, the valve should have a tight-sealing property. As for solid material (such as slurry applications), the disc’s material should be strong enough to avoid premature wear and tear.


Tips 3: Choose A Trusted Manufacturer


Besides considering the size, weight, and design of the electric butterfly valve, it’s vital to reach out to a reputable manufacturer. They will help you find the butterfly valve according to your needs and guide you on how to choose a valve offering maximum performance.

Ysmeter ZSHW/ZDRW Series: The Best High-Performance Butterfly Valve


The ZSHW/ZDRW series is a fantastic butterfly valve solution by Ysmeter. Designed to deal with high temperature and pressure, the valve in this series can handle seawater, lime slurry, salt, alkali, and even acid. The butterfly valves in this category come in various sizes and dimensions, allowing every consumer to find the ideal solution for their industry.


Besides, the series has the following features bringing many benefits to any industry.


  1. The rubber-lined butterfly valves have an EPDM lining which gives them strong corrosion-resistant properties.


  1. The butterfly valves are also erosion-resistant, which increases their life span.


  1. The central disc is made of duplex stainless steel, making it a durable and long-term investment.


  1. The solid central disc and the EPDM lining allow the valves to achieve bubble-tight sealing.


  1. ZSHW/ZDRW series valves have a split body design, making them easier to operate and convenient to replace.


  1. During their long service life, the valves require low maintenance.


  1. Compact and light, the series is simple and easy to operate.




Ysmeter is an industrial leader in the valve industry in China with many well-known customers worldwide, including Honeywell, Dow, Solvay, Sateri, Rohm and Haas, and power China. We develop and produce unique butterfly valve solutions to accommodate the needs of all industries to provide a safe flow solution. Thanks to the 24 years of experience in this industry and a professional D&D team, we deliver reliable, efficient, and high-quality products to our customers. In addition, we at Ysmeter design and manufacture all sorts of valves, from premium ball valves to self-control ones, making Ysmeter a one-stop solution for improving the flow at your production facility.