The actuated ball valve is an essential part of industrial systems, particularly automatic control systems. Ranging from papermaking to chemical, petroleum, pharmacy, and light industry, the pneumatic actuated ball valve plays an essential role in connecting or cutting off the medium in the pipelines while serving for fluid control and adjustment.


Ball valves are designed with quick opening and angular stroke output torque, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are widely applicable, given their reliable and stable configuration. So, if you want to know more about these, let’s read below because we have the full guide!

Advantages of Actuated Ball Valves


  1. Abrasion Resistant

These ball valves are designed with double-acting models that promise a smaller form factor than other electric actuators. In addition, it is resistant to moisture and overheating, which means it won’t be subjected to abrasion either.


  1. Good Sealing

It promises long-term sealing as long as you use them in low-pressure or moderate pressure applications.


  1. Light Switch

The sealing ring in the bottom of the ball valve is tightly connected with the spring of the valve core, so the switch is very light when the external force exceeds the preload force of the spring.


  1. Long Service Life

These valves are designed with quick cycling, which means they can be easily switched on and off, particularly when using the pneumatic actuated ball valves. In addition, it has a rugged construction, which adds to the service life.


  1. Easy Maintenance

Actuated ball valves can be kept free-turning and clean with only minor lubrication, which means there is no need for extensive maintenance.


  1. Wide Applications

Pneumatic actuated ball valves can be set up in various positions. The actuated ball valve is set up based on the sensors’ readings. It will help perform essential functions, such as preventing the usage of process fluid in the same direction. In addition, the actuated ball valves can respond to the sensors for self-regulation of the machine to make sure the temperature and pressure levels are in control.

How to Choose Actuated Ball Valve for Different Industry?


When it comes to industrial use, the actuated ball valves are needed to cut off, change, and distribute the flow of media direction in the pipelines. However, there are various factors that you have to consider, such as;


  • Select the actuated ball valve depending on the maximum nominal pressure.
  • Consider the maximum nominal diameter.
  • Choose the actuated ball valve depending on the connection method. There are butt welded, flanged, socket welded and threaded connections, but the threaded ones are the most common.
  • Considered the ambient temperature used. If you want to use the valve at a higher temperature, it’s best to opt for a carbon steel ball valve.
  • Select an actuated ball valve according to the driving method. These valves are usually designed with manual, pneumatic, worm gear drive, hydraulic, electric, electro-hydraulic linkage, and gas-liquid linkage.
  • It is better to consider the fluid nature. Different materials are suitable for different fluids, such as urea, steam, water, oil, and nitric acid oxidizing medium.


The actuated ball valves are used for long-distance pipelines, petroleum refining, water conservancy, paper, chemical, municipal, electric power, and steel industries. Since its primary function is to cut, change, and distribute the directional flow of the medium, it only needs the rotation of 90-degrees, and torque is pretty easy to close.

Ysmeter Has the Best Pneumatic & Electric Actuated Ball Valves


Ysmeter is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial valves for industrial markets. With time, our company has increased its productivity and efficiency. For the same reason, the company has come out with a ball valve, a well-known device for flow control to manage gasses and liquids.


Our valves are designed to work in unison to regulate the automatic operation and ensure better fluid control. We always wanted to eliminate manual labor, making it possible by creating the actuated ball valves. To meet customers ‘ needs, we at Ysmeter have a series of control valves, including pneumatic actuated ball valves and electric actuated ball valves.


The Bottom Line


On a concluding, it’s needless to say that actuated ball valves have become essential for industrial workflows, and Ysmeter is one of China’s leading industrial valve manufacturers. We are constantly working to provide reliable and safe flow control systems with different control valves of various sizes and designs. So, are you ready to optimize your machinery work with Ysmeter?