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Industrial Valves Manufacturer – Zhejiang Yong Sheng Technology Co., Ltd 


Over 20 Years Of Experience

Ysmeter, an industrial valves manufacturer based in China, has consistently delivered premium valve products and great service since 1997. Old is gold because with age, experience and maturity come along, and this holds for Ysmeter.


Experienced Workers

Specializing in the research and development of targeting high-end control valve products, we set up the science and technology center equipped with a group of engineer experts. As a professional industrial valves manufacturer, we are dedicated to carrying out new product development and manufacturing.


Strong Production Strength

We own two manufacturing bases and more than 260 sets of production equipment to produce high-quality industrial valves for our customers. Manufacture 2 million units of industrial control valve and cast 5000 tons of resin sand a year available in Ysmeter. Products range from the intelligent control valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, self-operated control valve to another special valve (including the bottom, hydrophobic valve, Pipeline valve, axial flow valve, anti-surge valve).


Efficient Plant & Machinery

Ysmeter has its foundry, controlling the quality and delivery time from parts of all processing to the whole assembly and testing. We also got TS special equipment manufacturing A1 license, with 300 sets of processing, assembly, testing and inspection device. Quality and delivery cycle are guaranteed in Ysmeter according to the different requirements of the standard and non-standard products.

Considerate after-sales service

We provide a 24-hour service plan supplied, including in-site service if product problem.


Ysmeter is a modern industrial valves manufacturer which gathers R&D, production, and sales service.