Ranging from throttling control to other industrial applications, a high-performance pneumatic butterfly valve delivers the best outcomes. Still, with so many pneumatic butterfly valve suppliers and valves, it can be challenging to find the one that promises effectiveness. However, the drill is to find the purposely built butterfly valve that can withstand different pressure scales of the industrial applications. So, if you have been scratching your head about the butterfly valve with a pneumatic actuator or a pneumatic butterfly valve, we have all the information you need!

Working Principle & Types of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves


When it comes down to the working principle, it’s pretty basic with which the compressed air tends to enter the pneumatic actuator for driving the piston and then lifting or rotating the torsion shaft that drives the stem. A pneumatic butterfly valve is a circular disc that uses a stem for its closing and opening function for operating the opening action to illustrate. Also, the pneumatic butterfly valves have a simple structure, lightweight design, and low-cost configuration, making them a suitable option for industrial applications, including a high-altitude tunnel.


Types of a butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator can be classified according to the form of construction, material of the sealing surface, form of sealing, working pressure, working temperature, connection method, etc.


Structure: central seal butterfly valve, single eccentric seal butterfly valve, double eccentric seal butterfly valve, three eccentric seal butterfly valve


Sealing Material: soft seal butterfly valve, metal hard seal butterfly valve


Sealing Form: forced seal butterfly valve, press seal butterfly valve, automatic seal butterfly valve


Working Pressure: vacuum butterfly valve, low-pressure butterfly valve, medium pressure butterfly valve, high-pressure butterfly valve, ultra-high pressure butterfly valve


Connection Mode: Clamping butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, welding butterfly valve

Features of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

  1. Geared Double Piston with Large Output Torque

The pneumatic butterfly valves are designed with a larger output torque and small operating torque, respective to the compact and simple structure, which results in faster opening. 


  1. Small and Light

The valve is extremely lightweight, making it easy to repair and install. In addition, the lightweight and compact design ensures easier installation at different locations.


  1. Easy to Install and Maintain

The valve’s small and compact design not only makes it easier to install, but it also has a pin-free design which eliminates the chances of internal leakage.


  1. Good Adjustment Performance

The valve is designed with straight flow characteristics, which leads to reliable and high-end adjustment performance


  1. Good Sealing Performance under Low Pressure

The seal is replaceable, and it’s quite reliable, which helps achieve two-way sealing


Pneumatic Butterfly Valve & Regulation of Fluid Flow

A pneumatic butterfly valve has a lightweight and compact design compared to other valves, making them a perfect size to be installed in different types of machinery, including petrochemical products, such as oil tanks and natural gas processors. In addition, these valves have higher pressure and temperature resistance from steam and water, which eliminates the chances of restricted flow. Moreover, they can be integrated into slurry and powder applications, accrediting to the high volume. Not to forget, a pneumatic butterfly valve is suitable for vacuum services, compressed air and gas applications, and high pressure and temperature services.

Advantages of Using Ysmeter Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

As one of China’s famous pneumatic butterfly valve suppliers, Ysmeter has an extensive range of butterfly valves available, and the pneumatic butterfly valve is one of the stars. Our butterfly valve with a pneumatic actuator is integrated with strong resistance to erosion and corrosion while showing off a longer lifespan. In addition, it contains high-strength disc material, which promises a higher surface hardness and strong mechanical properties for industrial applications.


On top of everything, the disc and sealing create a bubble-tight sealing while boasting a wafer connection. In addition, pneumatic butterfly valves are designed with the backup pads right behind the liner to ensure the tightest fit around the central disc. To summarize, our valves promise a perfect combination of long lifespan, easier replacement, reliable sealing, and better control features.


The Bottom Line

As the leading flow control solution manufacturer in China, Ysmeter is a leading name in the industrial valve development and manufacturing industry with more than 20 years of industrial experience. We commit to developing and researching high-tech valves ranging from self-operated valves to premium ball valves, control valves, and butterfly valves. Aiming to support customers with high-quality products and fast lead time, We have a wide range of efficient and precise production equipment to meet our customers’ needs. Kindly check our website today to find the suitable valves you need!