The control valves are specialized valves that are used for the sole purpose of controlling specific conditions, such as media, flow, temperature, liquid level, and pressure. These valves are designed to open or close at partial or full capacity. Similarly, an automatic control valve is designed to conduct everything automatically once it’s been installed and programmed.


An automatic valve leverages the signals, which are programmed to have a particular point for following the predetermined process. These valves have been playing an imperative role in the chemical industry, and we are sharing more information on this in the article below.

Automatic Control Valve in the Chemical Industry

When it comes down to the chemical industry, the utilization of chemicals, particularly hazardous ones, is an intricate process. For this reason, the control valve needs to perform exceptionally. The control valves can be controlled pneumatically, mutually, electronically, or hydraulically. The valves are widely used for adding a well-controlled chemical dosage to another set of specific levels.


In various chemical processing applications, the control valves need to operate in stringent environments. These valves are curated to handle harsh, hazardous, acidic, abrasive, and corrosive conditions – they may be required to meet some special specifications. For this reason, it’s important to choose the industrial valves manufacturers as the valves must be well-constructed.


The automatic control valve must perform to optimize the smooth operational procedures and avoid damage to the related equipment from damage and leakage. On top of everything, an automatic control valve keeps the hazardous media of the system and protects the personnel’s safety.


The automatic control valves not only streamline the balanced flow of chemicals to ensure constant system functionality irrespective of the pressure variations, but it’s also a convenient choice. This is because automation makes it a non-labor intensive solution to promise the highest standards of stability. In short, the control valve controls the opening and closing of the fluid flow.

How Does A Automatic Control Valve Apply in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a critical industry in the world as they have to work with harsh chemicals at all times. The flow control valve helps regulate the pressure flow of fluid. These valves respond to the signals developments by independent devices. In addition, they are integrated with positioners and actuators. Some other functions of an automatic control valve include the following:


  • Controls the chemical flow.

The control valves are widely integrated with the positioners and actuators, and the pneumatic configuration allows them to follow the chemical control process. In particular, they are designed with hydraulic actuators that respond to the change in flow or pressure to ensure the consequent opening or closing of the valve. On top of everything, they don’t require an external power source.


  • Protects the lining against cavitation & corrosion damage.

The automatic control valves are broadly used in the chemical industry, where the flow of chemicals is controlled. Since the valves are extremely precise, they reduce the risks of cavitation damage as well as corrosion. In addition, they reduce the need for maintenance as the system’s precision is enhanced and the leakage chances are reduced.


Ysmeter YSIQ(D)10F Series of Intelligent Lined Fluorine Single-seat Control Valve

Ysmeter is one of the best names in the market for purchasing the control valves, and we have really outdone ourselves with this YSIQ(D)10F series of single-seat control valves. First of all, our control valves are designed with a double seal which promises a top-notch sealing performance to prevent the chances of leakage.


In addition to this, the valves are curated with an impact structure that not only optimizes the flow of chemicals and fluid through the valves but also resists the chemical-based corrosion. On top of everything, the valves are quite lightweight and have a smaller volume, which promises convenient maintenance and long-life durability.


We have established the name of Ysmeter as the leading valve manufacturer in China, but our valve series is trusted around gloves. We are offering highly durable, reliable, and secure flow control solutions. In addition to offering automatic control valves, we also have self-operated valves, premium ball valves, and butterfly valves. For more information about valves, please contact us.