YSIQ(D)10F Series of Intelligent Lined Fluorine Single-seat Control Valve

The intelligent lined fluorine single-seat control valve body, plug, seat, and stem are lined with 3mm thick FEP to resist all chemicals corrosion(including sulfuric acid, alkali, and aqua regia). It uses PTFE below and packing as double sealing. Once the bellow is damaged, the packing can be the second protection sealing. With advantages of the impact structure, small volume, lightweight, good corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, accurate flow characteristics, convenient maintenance, etc. Especially suitable to small leakage, small pressure difference site conditions.

Product range: PN(MPa)1.0、1.6(150lb);


Suitable temp. -30~+200℃;

Leakage rate Ⅳ、Ⅴ、Ⅵ;

Flow characteristics: Linear and EQ.%.

Structure Drawing

Main Parts Materials

Specification &Technical Parameter

Main Performance Index Note: Performance index of this production is higher than GB/T4213-2008.

Flow Characteristic

Small Flow Valve

Actuator Specification:

ZM10 series multi-springs pneumatic reinforce actuator, makes the valve realize the conversion of normal close and normal open on site easily, the spring can be effectively protected from the corrosion to prolong the service life of actuator and convenient for customers operation. The actuator and the intelligent valve positioner are connected pipeless to strengthen the anti-seismic performance, stability and precision adjustment, to meet to exactly control of the working conditions.

Air To Open(FC):when the air supply is failed, the actuator spring close the valveAir To Close(FO):when the air supply is failed, the actuator spring open the valve

Flow Characteristic


Outline Size &Weight

PN10、16 Standard

Note:1. They’re common PN1.6MPa standard size in the table(According to the specific parameters of electric actuator to replace H, A size);
2.The weight data is without any accessories in the table.