YSIQ(D)50 series of intelligent 3 way flow control valve uses a double plug, upper and lower guide structure. It is divided into a three-way diffluence valve (one inlet two outlets) and a three-way confluence valve (two inlets one outlet) according to the path to achieving the fluid mixing heating or cooling, or not equivalent diffluence which would meet the requirements of users. This three way control valve is especially suitable for fluid temperature regulation in the petroleum industry heat exchanger.

Working principle

The equipped smart positioner will convert to valve required settings when receiving normal signal of electricity or signal of the computer. Then the pneumatic actuator linear displacement will change to angular displacement by special valve connections and tested by position transducer then feedback to the microprocessor.

The microprocessor will compare the actual valve feedback with original settings and tested if there is any deviation. It will output pulse width modulation command(PWM) to the piezoelectric valve according to the size and direction of deviation. The piezoelectric valve will regulate the input or exhaust gas under the control command.


Structure Drawing

Fluid Flow Direction

Actuator Specification:

ZM10 series multi-springs pneumatic reinforce actuator makes the valve realize the conversion of normal close and normal open on-site easily. The spring can be effectively protected from corrosion to prolong the actuator’s service life and is convenient for customers’ operation. The actuator and the intelligent valve positioner are connected pipeless to strengthen the anti-seismic performance, stability, and precision adjustment, to meet exact control of the working conditions.

Air To Open(FC):when the air supply is failed, the actuator spring close the valve

Air To Close(FO):when the air supply is failed, the actuator spring open the valve

Flow Characteristic


Outline Size &Weight

PN16,40 Standard, Fin-Extension, Bellow Sealing Outline Size &Weight